The Sourcing Academy is our undergraduate course in Sourcing Management. We have created this program based on the latest digital technologies and research in purchasing and sourcing. During the program we will take you through the entire journey from internal requirements specification to liquidation or further development of the product or service.


Our basic training in sourcing
You are already working on making purchasing decisions today, but you want to get a holistic perspective on the entire purchasing process. You want to get methods, tools and practical tips on how to do better business. Through the Sourcing Academy program, you gain these knowledge and insights into the different parts of purchasing, from purchasing technique to negotiation. You get a holistic perspective on the entire purchasing process, making you a safe, proactive and more professional buyer. You will learn how successful purchasing processes in various industries are organized and managed.

One of the most important activities of the purchasing function is to secure the best suppliers with the best products or services on the market. How do we find, evaluate and develop these? And how do we face out those who do not live up to the requirements? The requirements created by our internal stakeholders or the development projects for which we are responsible for purchasing. Here, the purchasing function has a responsibility to develop the supplier base and create business benefits for the company. This is the starting point of our Sourcing Academy.

Purpose and training objectives
The purpose of the program is to gain an insight into how we create business benefits for the company with successful purchasing work.

Who should go?
Buyers, product developers, production managers or technicians who will drive or participate in any kind of purchasing project.

Program setup (internal)
We have conducted the Sourcing Academy at several companies with very successful results, both in industry and retail, nationally and internationally. We adapt the layout to the customer’s business with the customer’s own templates, tools, ethical documents, policies etc., so that we do not ”invent” new templates or documents. It simplifies learning and behavior change. The program is conducted with several workshops that generate daily results.

To get a greater effect from the training efforts, we work with the following concepts; preparation – implementation – follow-up.

In preparation (before the start of the program), the participant reads some literature / information or prepares his own documents or examples to be included in the program. In this way, the participants read the same basic information in the theme, which allows for a faster start.

During the implementation of the program, we help participants identify their own potential for improvement. We work with the participants’ own savings / sourcing projects, ie the participant sets their own goals within their own projects which are followed up and reported. What each participant learned and how to implement this is documented.

In the follow-up, which is done a certain time after the program, we follow up the savings projects that the participants created and delivered.

Templates included:
Sourcing excellence project toolbox
Inquiry / quotation documents
Agreement Templates
Supplier Assessment checklists
Negotiation checklists
Project templates

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