Supplier Quality Assurance & Engineering Academy is our supplier development program. The program that helps you to structure your internal and external quality work with your suppliers and implement this. We have a clear business focus throughout the program with the goal of finding improvements, securing quality, lowering costs and increasing profits within the product … Read more


Welcome to the master class that engages your employees Take your business to a new level through inspiring and challenging Master Classes. Here you get specific tips and thoughts from some of the foremost and most inspiring lecturers in purchasing, sales, supply chain and leadership right now. Half or full day. Swedish or English. Perfect … Read more


– Are you ready for the future? Industry 4.0 stands for the complete digitalisation of the industry. The term describes the comprehensive transformation to flexible and adaptable production networks on the basis of networked and data driven infrastructure. The target of industry 4.0 is therefor the intelligent company, that is characterized by transformation ability, efficiency … Read more


Welcome to Scandinavian Purchasing Group’s training program in negotiation. We have developed a training program for those who want to develop in your business team. Creating winners on both sides of the table is the starting point in our negotiation training. Becoming a good negotiator is about training and training you do not do in … Read more


The Sourcing Academy is our undergraduate course in Sourcing Management. We have created this program based on the latest digital technologies and research in purchasing and sourcing. During the program we will take you through the entire journey from internal requirements specification to liquidation or further development of the product or service.   Our basic … Read more


We have developed a coaching program where we work with your upcoming negotiating situations. We coach you through your annual purchasing and negotiating situations. The training is organized in several steps where each step in the negotiation process is evaluated. We look at what purchasing category you want to negotiate and what negotiation strategy to … Read more