Delays and bottlenecks are common in the industry and often lead to reduced customer satisfaction and increased capital tied up. In this program, we initiate activities to increase the efficiency of order handling and delivery monitoring. We give you the basics of how a cross-functional collaboration can create balance in the supply chain with a methodology suitable for the procurement of raw materials and components, but also for production planning or inventory control. We help you practice the methodology and develop new data, which is not difficult, but it requires a lot of work and patience.

During the program, we challenge challenging patterns and tensions within the organization. This means that strong commitment and a desire to succeed is a prerequisite.

Purpose and educational objectives
The goal is for participants to understand and master the most important rules of the game for how an effective planning process can be built up. By getting a better overview, we can reduce the administration, the tied up capital and the stress in an organization.

Who should go?
The program is aimed at leaders and practitioners at the tactical and operational level in purchasing, production planning and sales.

For two days we go through the basics of inventory management and planning, we use the participants’ own problems as a red thread in the program. After the 2 days we make a break so the participants get home and work on the new working methods. after about 2-3 weeks we meet again and follow up any questions.

Examples of content:
• ABC analysis and sensitivity analysis on their own assortment
• How is the business system set up? What parameters are used?
• Identify possible obstacles and difficulties
• Create a process for measuring and monitoring
• Does the business system provide sufficient overview and decision basis?
• Create an activity plan for how you get started with the process
• How do all parties contribute to a coherent process? Seller, Production, Planning, Purchasing / Procurement?
• What is capacity and how do we keep track of what we can do?
• Order confirmations that are right from the start. What requirements can we place on the customer?
• Detailed review of the supply chain
• Where is your customer order item? How is this information communicated internally and externally?


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