Scandinavian Purchasing Group offers open and in-house training programs, tailored to your company’s requirements. Your industry dynamics and company goals determine the content and structure of training. This gives faster and more sustainable results.

Our approach is to make training as practical as possible by weaving together theory and practice sessions, so that everyone can apply their new knowledge directly after the training. In order to make the training modules as realistic as possible we use examples from your own business environment. We then tailor them to the correct level, according to the experience of participants. The documentation provided with the courses is directly usable in your daily work. We offer in-house training courses that are tailored to your company’s situation. Your company’s situation and needs impact the training content and approach, leading to better and quicker skills development results. We also offer open courses, depending on demand. This means that courses can vary during the spring and autumn.

National and international training

We offer national and international training sessions in Swedish and English, and our instructors are leaders in their respective areas of expertise. They create engagement and motivation among participants to develop their field of interest. Core training materials are available in local languages.

Plan your training efforts!

Our core focus is to support your company’s vision of increased capability. We have extensive experience in delivering a wide range of training courses, from single-day programs to seminars for all levels of your organisation. We also act as hands-on coaches to help participants get started with change management activities and other planned projects after formal training is completed. Our advice is for you to always consider what you want to achieve with the training: is the purpose that participants be more knowledgeable or should they be able to apply their new knowledge effectively? This has a big influence on the planning of a training program should be planned and the results expected.

Various levels of training

Our courses are aimed at different levels of your organisation and adapted depending on the target group and objectives.

All training programs are customised and normally include examples and case studies from the client’s own organisation. Programs come in various formats.