We outline which member in the team needs to strengthen their skills in certain areas but also which team member have a higher level of skills than the professional role require. How can the company utilize this expertise?

How to realise your company’s full potential
We can help you develop a complete picture of your team’s competence and identify any gaps against the performance levels you set for them. Our competence assessment is an excellent tool to base your decisions for both short- and long-term training needs. The outcome of the survey is a detailed report which can be used in salary and performance reviews.

Reliable competence mapping
Our consultants have extensive experience of competence mapping in Purchasing and supply chain organisations. We work with structured methods, and in addition to our web-based tools we conduct in-depth interviews to get an objective picture of the competence of all individuals. Our extensive Sourcing and Supply Chain experience ensures you will get a clear picture of the team’s skills levels.

Tailor-made analysis
All our surveys are tailored to fit the company’s industry-specific skills requirements. We offer up to four different levels of skills mapping.

Close competence gaps!
The different levels of competence of the team usually create problems in the organization. We can then tailor training efforts that help you lift the team’s skills to a level that meets or exceeds your requirements.

Examples of content:
• Overview of the team’s competence level
• Identification of gaps between actual and desired competence levels
• Assessment of individuals’ motivation levels
• Assessment of individuals’ knowledge levels
• Evaluation of individuals’ work experience
• Key competencies – what are they?
• Supporting salary and development discussions


Talent development

Question: do you have the right competence and talent to achieve your business’s goals and ambitions?

Answer: talent development should be planned and goal-oriented. Talented staff and specialists can be recruited directly into Purchasing. Adapting to change requires a critical mass of employees and role models.


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