Purchasing in focus

“Practice makes perfect”. We focus only on purchasing-related assignments; we have done this frequently and for a long time.

SPG’s strategy is that of strict focus in the area of purchasing and logistics. This means that we are constantly developing ourselves in the field, keeping track of the latest industry trends, and this brings more depth of experience. We happily share this experience, and structure our solutions to our customers’ purchasing assignments. We develop purchasing strategies that work and deliver results. Through experience we know which pitfalls to look out for too.

Our focus allows our consultants to quickly settle into new assignments. A short learning curve delivers effectiveness to the customer, and leads more quickly to the intended results; results that more often than not exceed customer expectations.

Our specialists

All our consultants are specialists within purchasing and logistics, and from various industries. They also have the benefit of extensive experience from senior business roles. Their deep knowledge is at the disposal of our customers.

Our specialists have experience from many industries, ranging from engineering to telecoms to service providers and retailers. They are seasoned project managers of both small and large projects.

Having the right specialist working on an assignment ensures that they gain a quick understanding of your needs. This, in turn, generates concrete results.

Our experience

SPG offers its clients a team of consultants with extensive experience from various industries including the public sector. They come from renowned companies such as Eaton, IKEA, SAS and Teliasonera. Our consultants are genuinely focused on customer service, and have chosen consulting to get closer to you, the end customer; by applying their knowledge and experience they can quickly make a difference.

Combined, SPG’s personnel offer several hundred years’ successful work experience from purchasing and logistics. We are proud to offer this experience to our customers on a daily basis.



Question: What percentage of spend should be covered by a Purchasing team approved agreement?

Answer: the world’s leading companies have 85% of all external spend covered by a purchase order or signed contract.


Pontus Axelsson
Partner, Stockholm
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