Downturns in the world economy and increasing competition have possibly contributed to an increasing focus cost and increasingly more effectively organized purchasing operations. On top of this, increased access to information and to completely new information management tools gives the buyer an advantage, making buyer involvement both logical and profitable. People are realizing that taking the correct actions quickly contributes to improved earnings – sometimes the difference between survival and bankruptcy – and this has also been pushing development forward in this area.

What is the right course of action? Scandinavian Purchasing Group knows about purchasing in all its shapes and forms. In cooperation with you, the customer, we can quickly identify which measures are most effective according to your organization and situation. Key to this is: the present situation, your future vision and level of ambition.

Our research analyzes the current situation, market and opportunity. The aim is to identify what can be done more efficiently in order to get the supply chain functioning properly, with happy stakeholders, secure deliveries, improved finances and at the lowest possible business risk. Typical areas covered in research of the current situation are: spend value, organizational structure, processes and tools such as measurements and supporting systems. We then compare these with the target end state. Things get exciting, practical and engaging at this stage: it becomes clear what benefits organized and executed purchasing can generate.

We present the research as a proposal of potential future actions. Using thorough analysis as a foundation, we outline our prioritized proposals in chronological order. The associated potential financial benefits make it all the more clear and real. The customer can then decide to implement measures themselves or in cooperation with us, probably in project form.

The research stage sometimes recommends simple but effective measures, sometimes comprehensive change projects. In addition to our extensive experience, we always have access to electronic procurement (e-Sourcing with or without e-Auctions) tools. In many industries this can be extremely effective, with a far wider scope of use than most people assume.

The research can often be completed in 4-6 weeks, and gives a clear picture of your current situation versus what you should aim for, step by step. A roadmap and timetable are also presented. The goal may be close or distant, but now you know in which direction it lies. Then the journey begins, with or without SPG as your ‘tour guide’.



Question: is there developed and integrated IT support system for an ordering and payment process?

Answer: Yes, it involves a long-term strategy and also investment in modern systems support. Our customers’ ordering and payment processes are analyzed and often outsourced. Success is driven proactively by key performance indicators. Over 98% of invoices are handled automatically, without any manual intervention.


Per Matsson
Senior Consultant
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Our Values

Our values apply to our company and consultants alike. They are used as a foundation for all our assignments:

Specialization and expertise –SPG’s team of consultants consists of specialists who have worked in their professions for many years.

Focused on results – SPG delivers results to its customers, generating significant return on investment

Innovation and individualism – we don’t provide generic solutions to your problems; every project is tailored to the customer’s particular situation.

Lean – we promote a culture of financial prudence, and treat our customers’ money as if it were our own.


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