You have a great team in place, good control of your spend and strong relationships with internal stakeholders and external suppliers alike. Your purchasing team members have acquired deep expertise in their categories, and over time they have developed strong relationships with big industry players.

What more can you do to increase efficiency, increase savings and reduce risk? How fast can you make a step-change in purchasing performance without having to scale up your team with more staff or invest in systems that have to be integrated into a cluttered IT landscape? What if your purchasing team could focus more on creating strategies, developing suppliers and negotiating great deals?

SPG can now deliver a groundbreaking service – SPG Sourcing as a Service – which frees up time for your team to do other things, significantly improves the turnaround time for each review and improves savings. All this without having to invest in new technologies.

SPG Sourcing as a Service is based on the following components:

  • An experienced project manager with category expertise
  • Proven technologies from leading technology providers, delivered on demand
  • Direct benchmarking for selecting the right supplier and pricing in real time
  • Easy access to other international markets

BEST Practice

Purchasing Process

Question: is there a well-developed common process and IT system for sourcing?

Answer: Our Purchasing process is well-established, coordinating and capturing spend volumes. It is supported by electronic technology and provides support in the analysis, planning, implementation and monitoring phases. It is a global player in planned purchasing activities.

Spend Compliance

Question: what percentage of spend is covered by an agreement or under Purchasing control?

Answer: The leading Purchasing organizations have control of 85% of all external spend.


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