The Latin word ”projicere” originally meant a blueprint or plan. The meaning has changed over the years and includes now the implementation of the plan.

There are many thousands of pages of management literature dedicated to projects and project management. A project can be anything from an international peace-keeping mission to building an extension to your holiday cottage. What defines any project is that it is performed using the help of temporary labour, is time constrained and has a specific objective.

A project often involves several different departments in an organization and personnel of various professional backgrounds. A Project Manager builds and directs the project team, shares responsibility and ensures that activities are coordinated so they deliver the desired results. There will also be a project owner to whom the project manager reports and who makes project decisions. This is what drives the project forward.

Scandinavian Purchasing Group has consultants with extensive experience in running large and small projects. In addition to a consultant being a dedicated resource to focus completely on the task at hand, there is added benefit in having an external project manager who can look at the customer’s business with new eyes.

Usually, assignments as project manager are to run tender processes or cost-saving projects. These can be on an international or national basis, and in virtually any industry. Sometimes, we help customers to establish their own purchasing offices in low-cost countries, sometimes we help them save the cost of energy supply in their properties. There are many assignments suitable for project management: we help the customer to scope the project, build the project team, develop time and activity plans and establish clear and effective reporting.

At SPG, we recommend an approach where project managers work on projects with roles both as leader and, for example, category expert. We prefer our senior consultants not only to lead the project, but to bring his/her expertise to the project’s delivery. This allows us to get deeper and closer cooperation with our customers; an important and valued difference between SPG and other consulting companies.

A project should always be completed properly: a final report demonstrates that the project has been completed. Clear project results are always a sign of success for the project team. This provides motivation and commitment for the next project, whatever it may be.


Procurement of management consultants for a telecoms operator:we lowered costs and got their contracts in order in just two working days. The key to success was the use of an e-Sourcing tool. Suppliers had no option but to follow the process that the project dictated.

Purchasing 2800 bathrooms on behalf of a large, leading hotel chain: we lowered the cost of purchases by 47%, with no changes to the design criteria. The strategy was to simultaneously gather business intelligence and conduct a market survey on sources of supply within the appropriate geography, in terms of determining the main players, how they were connected to each other in the supply chain, who had larger margins than others… all respecting total cost and risk criteria.

Our Values

Our values apply to our company and consultants alike. They are used as a foundation for all our assignments:

Specialization and expertise –SPG’s team of consultants consists of specialists who have worked in their professions for many years.

Focused on results – SPG delivers results to its customers, generating significant return on investment

Innovation and individualism – we don’t provide generic solutions to your problems; every project is tailored to the customer’s particular situation.

Lean – we promote a culture of financial prudence, and treat our customers’ money as if it were our own.


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