Scandinavian Purchasing Group offers various types of consultants and forms of contract. If the assignment is a short one, perhaps an hourly rate is best. Otherwise, perhaps a weekly or monthly is preferable. You can also choose to pay for delivering a specific solution or result. Depending on the assignment it is also becoming more and more usual to link payment wholly or partially to generated savings.

The length of assignment too affects, of course, the conditions we offer. Longer assignments will always be more advantageous for the customer because they offer a degree of stability to SPG.

We choose a consultant with care. Industry, type of assignment, timing and geographical location are all evaluated before proposing suitable resources for your mission. We are very proud of meeting our customers ’ needs.

The customer can choose based on needs and wishes. The need will depend on which skills are required to complete the task. We then select a suitable contract form. We listen to the customer’s preferences and adapt accordingly.

A period of consultant support is often combined with both training and recruitment, making our contribution especially effective. The recruitment process takes advantage of relevant information and support from the consultant on site, meaning that the right skills are recruited later on. Combined with a period of resources overlap, this then ensures a really good handover. Training also boosts teams to new levels of knowledge.

We use simple and well balanced standard contracts to Swedish standard ABK 09. It’s simple, fast and secure for both parties, ensuring no nasty surprises.

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We have a partnership with SourcingPeople, and you can make your interest in future work known on their website to start the process.

After sending your application and filling in your profile, you will meet our Consulting Manager to discuss your areas of specialization, what interests you and your preferred working conditions.


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