You have a great team in place, good control of your spend and strong relationships with internal stakeholders and external suppliers alike. Your purchasing team members have acquired deep expertise in their categories, and over time they have developed strong relationships with big industry players. What more can you do to increase efficiency, increase savings … Read more


Something has gone wrong. Maybe the contract the Customer signed hasn’t turned out as expected. There has been conflict which has escalated, which now it seems impossible to resolve. Of course you can recourse to legal proceedings, but these are time-consuming and expensive. Is there really no other alternative? Scandinavian Purchasing Group argues that in … Read more


Downturns in the world economy and increasing competition have possibly contributed to an increasing focus cost and increasingly more effectively organized purchasing operations. On top of this, increased access to information and to completely new information management tools gives the buyer an advantage, making buyer involvement both logical and profitable. People are realizing that taking … Read more


The Latin word ”projicere” originally meant a blueprint or plan. The meaning has changed over the years and includes now the implementation of the plan. There are many thousands of pages of management literature dedicated to projects and project management. A project can be anything from an international peace-keeping mission to building an extension to … Read more


A Tender Process is a clearly delineated activity that begins with the development of tender documents and ending with contracting. Sometimes this is preceded by a pre-qualification phase. Reasons for conducting Invitations to Tender are because the customer: Lacks knowledge of the product, service or industry. Simply lacks the resources in their own company at … Read more


Scandinavian Purchasing Group offers a range of professional consulting services, all tailored to meet your purchasing and logistics needs. We also offer support, either directly or indirectly in our customers’ contract negotiations.


Scandinavian Purchasing Group has a large number of consultants, each with their own unique expertise and extensive experience from many years in the business world. This means that we will find the right consultant or team of consultants with suitable skills and experience for your needs, at short notice. We’re good at what we do … Read more


Scandinavian Purchasing Group offers various types of consultants and forms of contract. If the assignment is a short one, perhaps an hourly rate is best. Otherwise, perhaps a weekly or monthly is preferable. You can also choose to pay for delivering a specific solution or result. Depending on the assignment it is also becoming more … Read more