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Purpose of the network
The purpose of this network is to exchange experiences and prepare us for what it means to be an international leader in Supply Chain with a focus on purchasing issues and with the changed conditions that place demands on us for the future. The program is a mix of networks between participants and a development program for future leaders in Supply Chain.

Program Structure
Learning from the best – The local authority will have 6 meetings during 2021. We will rotate upcoming meetings at participating companies’ companies. We organize all external lectures, activities and we go into your business environment so we can all learn more about the unique companies we have in the network. Each meeting begins with the host company having a brief introduction of the company and its challenges.

Deep diving in future areas of expertise – We have selected six areas of expertise that we have received feedback on as the most important topics for the future in the purchasing area. For each topic we will do a deep dive with lectures, workshops, articles and discussions on the topic. During the day we meet, we will focus on listening to experienced international lecturers in the relevant area of ​​expertise. Continuous during the program you get interesting articles and materials in the subjects.

Building relationships and sharing experiences – The purpose of the network is to support the members’ development and create experience exchanges. Before each meeting, participants will have 4-5 questions to prepare until we meet. We start our meetings with a summary and discussion of our challenges and issues. After summarizing our previous topic, we start new areas of expertise with interesting lecturers. About 2 weeks after each network meeting, a summary comes from the meeting of our program assistant.

Professional Coaching – Networking meetings are led by our moderator and documented by our program assistant. We also have a program council that comes up with suggestions on lecturers and topics.

From the Invitation and the content you will find the following areas;

  • What are the trends and challenges for purchasing today over the next 10 years?
  • The Board’s and CEO’s requirements for purchasing. Governance, purchasing role in the organization.
  • Talent management, critical or not.
  • Collaboration with colleges and universities. (sprawling theme)
  • Global Purchasing Trends.
  • Category Management how do you succeed?
  • Cost Management, cost analyzes and cost simulations.
  • What are the correct Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?
  • What is Procurement’s role in risk minimization, environmental considerations and sustainability.

Join us

Meeting 1
The purchasing year
– This year’s challenges
Date coming 2023

Meeting 2
Supply Chain leadership
– Leading into the future
Date coming 2023

Meeting 3
Supply Relationship Management
– Strategies for the future
Date coming 2023

Meeting 4
– Police or seller?
Date coming 2023

Meeting 5
Purchasing & IT
– Business Intelligence System
Date coming 2023

Meeting 6
Supply Chain leadership
– To develope the team
Date coming 2023

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Network – Purchasing Manager Southern Sweden

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Bjarne Lindblad
Phone: +46 70 848 97 97

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Responsible for Networks

Sigfrid Rytten
Phone: +46 70  511 11 08 sigfrid.rytten@purchasing.se