Warehousing & Logistics​

With many years of practical experience from companies with complex flows of goods, our experts have a broad and deep understanding of companies’ warehousing and logistics processes, with the ability to quickly understand the situation and be able to give suggestions of concrete action for improvements. We are the right partner for you in warehouse and logistics efficiency projects.


How efficient is your warehouse? What can be done to increase inventory turnover and tie up less capital? Our experts go through the company's warehouse and logistics processes, calculate inventory levels and rate products in stock (ABC). We go through goods receipt, picking & packing, delivery and inventory routines. All to understand how the company's warehousing & logistics work and see what can be improved. We look for potential savings, offer best practices and provide concrete measures that increase the efficiency of the company.


We help the company to customize an optimal logistics flow of the operations - from goods receipt to deliveries. Which are the restrictions and bottlenecks of the flow of goods? Is the layout optimal? We analyze the flow of goods and find concrete improvement areas for increased productivity and reduced lead time.

Logistic / Network Solutions

Together we see how the company's overall logistics solutions can be improved and streamlined. We create sustainable flows for goods and transport that are efficient, economical and environmentally friendly. Locally, regionally as well as globally.

Purchasing of Transport Services

We review the company's total transport and explore possibilities for optimization and efficiency. We help the company with purchasing of transport services with the aim of significantly reducing the cost of transports with maintained or improved service level both in in-bound and out-bound deliveries.

Logistics for E-commerce

Is the company active in e-commerce? If yes, there is a high demand for a tailor-made logistic solution that suits the business, both B2C and B2B. E-commerce logistics should strengthen customer relations and build loyalty, ensure high delivery security and also be scalable over seasons and during expansion. We help the company find the best e-commerce solution for warehousing, internal logistics, transport, picking & packing and return handling. We evaluate whether third-party logistics or in-house handling is most cost-effective.