Range & Product Development

We at Scandinavian Purchasing Group know the importance of functioning range and product development to improve the company’s profitability. With the knowledge from a large number of trading and manufacturing companies, our experienced consultants help the company with concrete advice for a more efficient product range and an improved product development process.

Range Development

Active and strategic range management is a prerequisite for higher profitability. We do an analysis of the company's product range and identify how earnings are distributed among different business areas, product families, articles and variants. We identify potentials for a more effective range, we question the tail of the range and decide how external and own brands should be used in the most profitable way. We see how products in the range are distributed in price ladders and style/function - where are the gaps and where are there overlapping products? The company's processes for phasing in and phasing out products are determined and fine-tuned, and we also decide which of the products fit in the company's various sales channels.

Product Development Process

Does the company today have an efficient and functioning process for producing new products quickly and with the right profitability from the beginning? The product development process includes all different activities within the relevant functions and cross-functionally across the company, which gradually transforms a product from idea to launch. A large number of products fail and will never reach successful sales. Products must be developed based on the conditions of production - “Design to (Supplier) Manufacturing”. Together, we do a study of the company's ability to develop successful products, resulting in concrete suggestions for an improved and faster product development process - with a high degree of integration and collaboration early in the process between the company's involved functions.

Value Analysis

In many companies, we see a great untapped potential for cost reduction and better profitability in continuously adapting and improving existing products, without compromising on customer satisfaction. A systematic Value Analysis identifies and selects better alternatives for designs, components, materials and manufacturing processes - all in order to achieve an improved and more profitable product.

Retail Management

Our experts at SPG help customers in retail in transformation projects to meet the challenges of the future, and assist them with concrete decision-making bases and recommendations. We maximize profitability through both range efficiency and better store layout and space management. Together, the buying behavior is analyzed in both stores and online to create insight about the customers.