Quality & Environment

What is the company’s strategic agenda for environment and quality? Our experts in these areas guide you to sustainable development, global responsibility and world-class quality.

Management Systems

Well-functioning management systems provide more satisfied customers, better environmental performance and a safer work environment. It is a prerequisite for all improvement work. Our consultants help you get a simple, certified management system which really works! We have a broad industry knowledge all the way from the automotive industry to service production and we have competence within the international standards that apply to quality management, environmental management and work environment management.

Internal Quality

Cost of poor quality is significant in many businesses. Internal rules, procedures and responsibilities are a prerequisite for ensuring the right quality, getting satisfied customers and reducing rejected goods. We carry out an internal audit or Value Stream Mapping of the company's processes and together we establish an effective quality management system in the entire business - from product development to deliveries of finished products or services.

External Quality

The right quality starts with the company's suppliers. A large proportion of the total value created in a business comes from its subcontractors - sometimes up to 60-70%. It's about doing right from the start and being able to trust the suppliers. We help the company develop existing and future partners. Our specialist knowledge is, among other things, to be able to communicate quality requirements correctly and to proactively identify, minimize and manage risks.

Environment & Sustainability

Measurable, concrete and effective sustainability actions is central to the company's development. We can offer strategic advice on concrete solutions, based on Agenda 2030 and the UN's sustainability goals. We combine a holistic perspective of the company's conditions with our specialist knowledge in environmental and social responsibility. We assist the company with routines for control and follow-up, as well as making the annual, statutory sustainability report.


Through external audits, the company ensures that suppliers meet the required quality and environmental requirements. We can practically carry out audits of selected suppliers, perform quality checks before deliveries or take a holistic approach to develop the entire audit process within different areas. SPG has global experience in supplier audits and has its own, certified auditors in place in Europe and Asia. We participate in the follow-ups to correct deviations and establish improvement programs.