Scandinavian Purchasing Group has for many years carried out a large number of successful projects within Purchasing, with customers of various sizes and in different industries. We see purchasing as an integrated business function in the company. We run everything from focused savings projects to more extensive development projects of the business. Always with quick results in focus.

Purchasing Diagnosis

During a short but intensive period, we perform an analysis of the company's operations and strategies within Purchasing, which results in a diagnosis of the current situation. What works well, what needs to be improved and what potential for purchasing savings is there? In a spend analysis, the company's total purchasing volume is compiled and examined to give a picture of what the purchases look like. External quality, environment and sustainability are all important elements to highlight in the overall picture. We give concrete suggestions for further work on to develop the company's purchases.

Saving Projects

Focused savings projects aim to quickly identify significant potentials, collect result-improving money and secure lasting improvements. We use our global expertise, and we are participating in discussions and negotiations with suppliers throughout the process. The value chain is analyzed and utilization is maximized, and the savings are always made in a total cost perspective. If necessary, we jointly investigate both product and process changes to achieve lower costs.

Category Management

A strategic and systematic way of managing the company's purchasing leads to better business and creates greater opportunities for significant savings. The purchasing process should be seen as an integrated business process within the company. We help the company systemize and define relevant categories, as well as develop strategic category plans. We review the current purchasing organization and recommend necessary changes for efficient category-driven purchasing. We make the organization understand what category-driven purchasing really means and how to realize potentials and savings.

Supplier Development

What does the company's supplier base look like and how does it need to be changed? Is the number of suppliers right, or is the strategy to find more suppliers or to consolidate? Which are the important, critical suppliers and which can be more easily replaced? We analyze the supplier base and set plans and goals for how it should be develop in the future. We decide how the company should act in the relationship with different types of suppliers. We can also help to scout and evaluate new, potential suppliers in a systematic way.

Digitalisation of Purchasing

Is the company's business system used in the best way to facilitate efficient purchasing? We have the expertise and experience of many of the larger business systems used today, and we can help the company to optimize the usage of its system. We assist the company in evaluating and implementing IT systems and tools that are currently lacking - for example eSourcing and purchasing optimization.