Within Scandinavian Purchasing Group, we have solution-oriented consultants with industry knowledge and experience from production and factory floors. With a practical, fact-based working methodology, we can quickly and efficiently help companies to lower their costs, increase their efficiency and reach world-class production.


LEAN is a well-proven concept for creating efficiency in companies' manufacturing processes. We have working models and tools to run a successful LEAN-project, with results such as shorter lead times, reduced inventory, reduced cash and more committed employees - all to achieve better financial results, more satisfied customers and stronger competitiveness. Together, we analyze the company's flows and layout in the production unit, identify limitations and bottlenecks, and we make concrete proposals for an optimal and more efficient production flow.


Ability to act quickly and adapt production to changes in demand is increasing in importance. We help the manufacturing company to create a functioning process for Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) which enables efficient use of Supply Chain management. We establish routines and responsibilities for a monthly series of activities, and create excellence in planning in the producing company with control over the entire value chain.


TQM is a management philosophy that strives to achieve total quality at all stages in an organization. Often, a total cultural change is required to improve product quality and to put the customer in focus. Clear quality management is required to lead this process. Together with the company, we ensure quality throughout the production process, and we improve routines, processes and responsibility for quality control.

Industry 4.0

How should the producing company by further digitization create a smarter company that creates smarter products that create smarter business? Our Industry 4.0 experts help the producing company take the necessary steps - to achieve better results.