Operational Excellence

It is not only what is done that is important, but also how it is done. Business improvement is about continuously adjusting the company’s processes and organization.

Process Efficiency

Together, we review and describe the company's processes and working methods within Supply Chain and related areas - including externally to suppliers. We identify what can be done more efficiently and where the bottlenecks are located. Are the correct activities performed, do they provide enough value in relation to the effort and is the activity performed by the right function? Continuous improvements and optimal utilization can maximize the result of the effort.

High-performing Organization

The coworkers performing the work are at least as important as the processes themselves. Does the company have the right people in the right place? Are the number of resources properly distributed within different functions? We do an analysis and evaluation of the organization together, with the possibility of more detailed skills-mapping. Proposals for a more efficient organization are developed, we create centers-of-excellence in larger businesses and develop possibilities for benchmarking to help improvements.

Control & Follow-up

To ensure progress in the continuous improvement work, and to be able to compare units and find improvement potential, the company must have a control and follow-up system in place. Together we define which key performance indicators (KPIs) that are relevant to follow, we define who is responsible for them and how they should be followed up. All to ensure that the business and improvement activities develop as desired.

Management Systems

Functioning management systems facilitate all improvement work. We have knowledge in the international standards (ISO) that apply to quality management, environmental management and working environment management. Together we establish effective management systems with goals and measurement criteria and clear areas of responsibilities. All in order to give the organization and decision-makers an overall and accurate picture of the business, and to identify where improvements are necessary and produce the greatest results.

Our consultants’ past experiences as managers and leaders in line-positions mean that we are used to continuous improvements work from real life. We know the great result that can be achieved through improved processes and a more efficient organization.