Strategy Impact

We support the company all the way from vision to lasting results. Is there a clear guiding star in the company that helps to stay the course?

Business Intelligence

What does the company's game plan look like and what changes are happening? Fact-based knowledge and insights about what is happening outside the company are important prerequisites and a starting point for creating the right strategies for profitable growth. We help the company with analyzes and description of the outside world, macroeconomic development, business climate, trends, technology development, raw materials, competitors and markets.

Strategy Development

Together with the company's management team, we develop a strategy for real, and we make it clear and understandable for both the organization as well as the owners. The company's business model is diagnosed, among other things through swot analysis, and the necessary change and improvement activities are identified. We describe the current and desired situation in selected and prioritized areas, and define and clarify financial and operational goals. A timed roadmap for implementation becomes part of the strategic plan.


As important as developing a clear strategic plan is to ensure that it is implemented effectively in order to achieve the desired changes and improvements. We help the company establish a project office and project management to coordinate all change management activities. Successful implementation requires a high degree of involvement from managers and organizations, as well as continuous and clear internal communication. The implementation phase requires perseverance and strong and clear leadership.

Our consultants at Scandinavian Purchasing Group have extensive experience in strategy work and change management from leading line positions in a variety of industries. We are participating all the way from vision to delivery.