Enterprise Value

How can the company achieve profitability and cash flow improvement most effectively? We create a success engine in the company by combining structural and human capital – Business & People.

Margin Improvement

Good control of the various components that affect the margin is vital for profitability improvement! We help you analyze and understand how pricing, discounts, purchase prices, mix effects etc. affect the development of the margin and together we identify opportunities for improvement.

Cost Savings

Together we look at what savings can be made. Both within costs for goods sold and for operational costs, and we analyze both direct and indirect costs. Spend analyzes are done of the company's purchasing costs, and we develop activity plans for more efficient purchasing. If there are several units and companies within the company, we see which synergies are possible to realize.

Result Segmentation

We often see that many companies have a lack of insight into where the money is made. Which products, product groups or business areas are the most profitable and where are improvements needed? We perform a detailed analysis of the profit level and use our experience to allocate shared costs.

Growth Strategy

How can the company drive profitable growth in a sustainable way? We review the company's business model, evaluate existing and potential sales channels and analyze time-to-market. How does the company's assortment and brands affect the opportunity for growth? We highlight what prevents your business from growing profitably, sustainably and quickly.

Human Capital

The company's human capital is the employees' overall experience, skills and competencies. Successful growth companies increase the level of human capital through the continuous development of their employees, clear leadership and creating an evolving work environment. SPG helps the company map its human capital. We conduct targeted employee, customer and supplier surveys to understand obstacles and opportunities, and we develop action and development programs. We also coach in leadership globally.


In company acquisitions potential candidates are evaluated in a Due Diligence process, but the Supply Chain perspective of the company in question is often underestimated. SPG's consultants are experienced in acquisitions and can assist with quick analysis and description of a company's purchasing, production and logistics functions to give more security to the buyer in a possible acquisition. We identify strengths and weaknesses, and include organization as well as processes in the analysis.

Scandinavian Purchasing Group has documented experience in running profit-enhancing projects. Our understanding of the company, our firm approach and our concrete action proposals guarantee results.